Leave the Internet, Enter the Metaverse: The Innovation Behind the Future of the Internet

16 Nov 2022

Welcome to the new, three-dimensional virtual world that is set out to change the digital sphere as we know it. The next phase of the internet is upon us, and this new alternative digital reality is here to show us just how innovative it is. 42 Studio is researching and reporting on the case known as the metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

You’ve heard about it in the news, it’s been thrown around quite a lot lately, but do people really know what the metaverse is? Let’s start there. It is a persevering network of three-dimensional spaces. We know that almost all things online work thanks to common protocols and the technology that powers them; all apps, webpages, and digital operating systems. Well, the metaverse is simply the next level of the online world. It ranges from augmented reality to socializing and consumer leisure. 

We, as consumers, finally get a chance to enjoy never-before-seen virtual simulations happening in front of our eyes. In the metaverse, the physical and digital realities are virtually enhanced—one important thing to note. No vendor or individual owns the metaverse. It is not device-independent. In fact, it is an independent virtual economy powered by digital currencies and NFTs.

Key Metaverse Innovations

Web3 – First of all, the almighty web3; is a stack of new technologies that help develop decentralized applications (dApps), which in turn gives users complete ownership of their identity and, most importantly, data. Metaverse and web3 form a harmonious relationship in an ecosystem or community. Value is exchanged between users or organizations; or a combination of the two.

Spatial computing – Thanks to this complex technology stack, people can experience the wonders of intersecting the physical and digital worlds.

Digital twin of a person – Also known as DToP, it represents and mirrors a unique individual. But not only that, it is a synchronized, almost real-time multipresence that owns the power to present itself in multiple places at the same, be it the physical, digital world, or both.

Digital twin of a customer – Lastly, the DToC represents a dynamic virtual customer that has the power to learn through simulation and thus anticipate certain behavior. Besides individuals, DToCs can be groups of people or groups of machines.

What’s the Hype About?

We are witnessing a lot of excitement around the metaverse and for a good reason. We’ve got a bunch of companies that claim to be metaverse companies. They’re trying to create, enhance, and augment people’s physical and digital realities. The potential is immense.

Eventually, the metaverse will be able to supply decentralized, persistent, collaborative, and interoperable business models and opportunities, enabling organizations to expand their digital businesses. In fact, it’s already happening. We’ve already seen the first bank in the metaverse; auto dealerships benefit largely from spacial computing and the AR cloud, and virtual workspaces aid in connecting and collaborating among employees, etc. 

Nonetheless, the future looks bright for the three-dimensional internet, as multiple industries recognize the immense potential. And also, with the help of our talented digital enterprise, your company/product/idea can gain access to the metaverse and harvest the opportunities and said potential. Just look at our case studies here. Maybe our past success inspires you to join us on the journey to the future of the internet.


To conclude, 42 Studio invites you to explore the metaverse, expand your vision and enhance your digital business. We would be glad to help with your project’s transition, realization, and perfect execution. If you like what you’ve read, find more pieces like this on our blog, and if you wish to collab with us, don’t be afraid to drop us a message and mark the beginning of our prosperous alliance.

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