Case Study

Ready Games

#1 Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

The Ready Games Network is an established gaming network providing game developers with tools to easily build games on all platforms. With the decision to move to the world of web3 gaming, Ready Games chose 42 Studio to strategize its marketing and run campaigns. 42 Studio built up Ready’s community on socials, Telegram, and Discord to spread awareness and bring users and developers to the ecosystem.

The Product

Ready Games offers game developers the tools and technologies to build games on web3 to increase game profitability and give real value to players and UGC creators. Ready Games’ web3 gaming ecosystem distributes ownership to game developers, players, and content creators through its native $AURA token.

Community Growth

42 Studio built up Ready’s digital presence and established the community on socials, Telegram, and Discord, to spread awareness, and bring users and developers to the ecosystem. The Ready community quickly grew, attracting web3 enthusiasts and forward-thinking members of the gaming community.

| Community Growth in the First 4 Months

Public Game Launch

42 Studio promoted the first web3 game launch on Ready’s ecosystem: Crypto Police Dog Online through a raffle campaign designed to incentivize game downloads and in-app purchases.

The Results

Conversion Rate






42 Powers

Player Acquisition, Retention, & Conversion Strategy

Social Media + Community Management

Email Marketing

Ready Games Website

42 Studio built a comprehensive and detailed new website for Ready Games with pages to showcase the benefits for all members of the ecosystem in a clear and accessible way.

42 Powers




Game Tester Campaign

42 Studio generated over 50K game tester sign-ups to test the beta versions of new web3 games in Ready’s ecosystem.

42 Powers

PPC Advertising

Email Marketing

Social Media + Community Management

NFT Airdrop

42 Studio attracted 65K verified users to join Ready’s community on Discord, Telegram, and socials.

42 Powers

Telegram and Discord collaborations

Social Media + Community Management

Funnel Creation

Game Developer Campaign

42 Studio built the strategy, landing page, and every aspect of an advertising campaign to convert game developers.

42 Powers

Go-To-Market Strategy

Social Media Outreach

Email Marketing

Funnel Creation

PPC Advertising

Game Beta Launches

42 Studio built the strategy to harness the power of the 50K beta testers and carried out campaigns for each web3 beta game launch.

42 Powers

Campaign Strategy

Social Media

Community Management

Email Marketing

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