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The simple & secure wallet and dApp provider

Safle is the first zero-profit web3 wallet, offering users and developers alike the best solutions at the lowest price points. Safle wallets combine simple user flows, 6-layer encrypted security vaults, and name-based wallet IDs to create an optimal experience for users in web3. Safle users enjoy top-of-the-line wallet utilities, an anonymous yet traceable web3 identity, and private dApp connections. Safle is a private RPC provider, offering dApp developers the three layers necessary to build and scale dApps effectively: an authentication layer, based on Safle’s Keyless SDK, a transaction layer built for scalability, and a data API layer. 42 Studio helped build Safle’s digital presence by creating the brand’s website and managing its social media channels.

Safle wallet


When Safle first approached 42 Studio, they were looking for a customized website that would fit into the industry, but also stand out with its dedication to world betterment, and holistic approach to web3. They chose the theme of intergalactic travel and sent the Studio on a mission to create the perfect website. The Studio was able to tell Safle’s story through space imagery and creative narration while portraying the products’ many value propositions and staying within the bounds of industry conventions. 

Safle Website




Social Media Management

42 built-up Safle’s social presence in continuity with the website’s design and narration. The Studio crafted and designed posts for Safle, maintaining the brand’s voice throughout, and catered to the nuances of various web2 and web3 audiences with unique post content for each social platform.  With designed and animated posts, Safle’s social channels took on a professional look and feel to stand out in the digital space.

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Safle Social Media Management
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