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We deliver a wide range of services across various verticals. Our clients are both start-ups and well-established companies. Whether it is a corporate website that needs to be developed from scratch or a new product launch, we invest ourselves in carrying out projects of any difficulty. With nine years of experience embodying numerous digital projects, we are well-versed in everything we do.

UI/UX Design

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Product Design

From the tiny details to the big picture, 42Studio’s experienced UI/UX specialists will sculpt your product from top to toe and accompany you along your entire product journey. We provide customized end-to-end UI/UX solutions for digital products: blockchain products, mobile applications, IoT and more. We have created the UI/UX of dozens of startups and companies across the globe. Although we will take on projects of all types, blockchain is our specialty Our designers know the blockchain arena and understand how to design products that will directly appeal to the decentralized community.

Web Design

We create an effective web design that communicates your brand’s message and invites visitors to carry out the desired action. We develop a personalized strategy designed to accomplish your specific goals. We craft every element and detail of your website: the style, the movement, the fonts. We integrate photography, 3D and illustration, and more. By understanding your brand’s value proposition, we unite unique visual identity with functional user journeys for the design that delights, engages, and converts.

App Design

Apps are an extension of your brand and often the medium that users communicate with your organization. Our designers are experts in identifying and creating visual designs that will turn the spotlight on your company. We take a holistic approach when designing your product and place an intense focus on your customers or users. The UX designers at 42 Studio have decades of experience designing sleek, elegant user experiences across numerous industries.


We assist companies in creating a brand that is beyond a symbol or a name. It is not just a logo. It is the identity and consistent voice that affect customers' purchasing decisions. With us, you can count on being recognized in customers' eyes as so distinctive that no other brands on the market can compare. At 42 Studio, we implement strategic thinking in every aspect of the branding process. Our experience allows us to identify upcoming trends and what the competitive market will look like in the future.

Motion design

At 42 Studio, we create product videos, corporate videos, and brand videos to help companies be unique and memorable. We are proficient in representing complex products and services through comprehensive inspiring stories. We make strategic use of video to educate, activate and empower audiences. Whether your goal is to build trust, sell, or recruit, video production is an essential tool in your arsenal.


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It is crucial to find the right partner to help you optimize your PPC campaigns for the more prominent success of your business. At 42 Studio, we know that getting solid results from PPC requires expertise and demands a proven approach. Our team of online advertising professionals are experts in driving the most value for you by using cutting-edge technology and proven advertising methods. We will dig deep into your analytics, access your digital footprint and provide recommendations to increase leads, FTDs, purchases and optimize your revenue goals.


Whether your goal is to maximize your online presence, increase sales or generate leads, you require SEO. We implement SEO strategies, tactics, and plans that can increase the organic search visibility of your website. From thorough SEO auditing to link building, we create opportunities to increase your visibility on search engines. Your most valuable audience can find you online with custom campaigns that target on-page and off-page SEO. Our professional team of SEO experts analyzes your company’s SEO strategy results to guarantee that your campaign performs at its best.


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Design & Developement

We will bring the NFT collection of your dreams to life. Our graphic illustrators are experts at illustrating unique and eye-catching NFTs that are sure to go viral. We will establish a theme for your collection, design and develop thousands of assets, and create rare and animated NFTs. We’ll also take care of developing your collection on whichever blockchain best suits your goals.


Our NFT team will research and deploy your project on the best platforms and blockchains to catapult its success. We will support and promote your NFT project and help you gain thousands of organic followers. Every serious NFT collection has a project-dedicated website. Your NFT website will help you showcase your collection, tell your origin story, and give your collectors access to exclusive content.

Community Management

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Community Growth

Establishing community is important for the success of any project, especially in the blockchain space. We will help your project gain the following it needs to reach the moon. We are experts in spreading hype in the decentralized space around all kinds of blockchain-based projects including NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and Crypto.


We’ll launch and maintain your airdrop campaigns so you get the most followers for the least amount of funds. We will implement a customized strategy to match the needs of each project. Also, to build excitement and spread the word we target audiences that will resonate with your brand.

Blockchain Development

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Software and Mobile App Development

We develop software on the blockchain that identifies and addresses the fundamental components of the industry standard for distributed ledgers. We create software and mobile applications using Rust, Solidity, and Vyper with feature-rich user functions and adaptive interfaces. Our developers are able to solve complex problems while writing efficient and clean code. We build on Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche.

Smart Contracts

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Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are the major key in developing NFTs and crypto products. 42 Studio delivers crypto-based services including smart contract development. Our smart contracts ensure the uniqueness and immutability of each NFT as well as the functionality of any blockchain product. We tune and optimize smart contract code to reduce gas costs by implementing effective strategies. The smart contracts we develop are completely transparent, and the code can be accessed to verify the flow of the smart contract.

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