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Be One of a Kind

Create a clear, sharp, and unique identity, we’ll show the world that your project is stretching the limits of possibility to new dimensions, adding irreplaceable value to the collective digital existence.


Brand Identity

Identify your brand voice, values, messaging, and personality through a guided process designed to help you understand and convey your project in its most authentic version.


Digital Identity

Reinvent your digital identity with a website that shines brightly on your project and its core values, built on an image that is unique to your brand’s holistic identity.


Visual Identity

Create an iconic identity that will turn your project into an unforgettable image in complete harmony with your mission, values, and newfound brand identity. 

Build Identity


Reaching funding goals can make or break an initiative. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to embark on a successful funding journey.

Pitch Deck

Tell the story of your project through its unique voice and display the embodiment of its brand image. When organized and delivered clearly, yours is a compelling story pieced together to emphasize your industry edge. 

Product UI UX

Bring your product to life with a stunning UI/UX prototype, integrating user flows and elements based on thorough research, wireframing, and journey mapping.  


Your beacon of light in the darkness of market navigation is our 20+ years of industry-specific marketing experience. Together we’ll build and fine-tune a master plan to guide every step of your journey.

Video Creation

Bring your vision to life and show off your product potential with top-quality videos that investors won’t easily forget. Give them something riveting to hang onto that will influence their decision in your favor.  

Get Ready
to Grow Community

Set the ground to plant your community seeds with guided strategies to light the path forward, and lay the foundations of spaces for your community to grow and thrive.

Social Media

Give your social profiles a unique flare that continues your brand image and tells your story in a compelling way, targeted precisely to those you want to attract. 

Company Blog

Build the basis for information that goes deep into the inner workings of your tech and explains your product on deep levels, in simple terms, allowing anyone to tap into the immense beauty of your project.


Lay the ground for effective community spaces that will guide your members to find what they are looking for. Structure your Discord channel with care and compassion for the end user. 


Drive high-quality traffic to your initiative and convert leads with masterfully crafted campaigns featuring unique creative elements strategically placed to catch attention and capture interest.

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Take a look at our work and understand how it has contributed to some of the leading initiatives in web3.

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We collaborate with the biggest trailblazers in web3 to help pave the path for the next generation of innovators.

The 42Leaders

Be in direct contact with the people responsible for driving your results. In the spirit of blockchain, we cut out managers and middlemen to eliminate noise and streamline the entire process.

Tomer Friedman

Tomer Friedman

CEO & Marketing Guru

Miriam Yablon

Miriam Yablon

Head of Content, Marketing

Dima Shukan

Dima Shukan

Head of UI/UX product

Konstantin Pustovoitov

Konstantin Pustovoitov

Web Development team lead

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