Content in Web3: What Creators Need to Know

16 Jan 2023

The new Internet era is approaching fast and changing the game for everyone, content creators included. Web3 allows revolutionizing content creation, from NFTs and metaverse to social tokens and community; it is a creator-focused, community-driven digital space ready to be filled with inspiring and never-before-seen content. 42 Studio is exploring this new framework for content creators.

First off, what lies beneath web3’s immense power revolves around three core concepts:

Internet of value – ownership and exchange of digital value and goods

Customizable, automated experiences

Creator and community ownership

That being said, we embark on this futuristic journey together. Surely enough, the past was turbulent for users of the Internet, and we can’t miss out on reminiscing about the good old days when the Internet was introduced to the world. Comparison-wise, let’s take a brief look at Internet’s history.

Web 1.0

Back in the day when it all began, the Internet was comprised of static HTML pages that only had the power to display information. There was no way any user could change the displayed data, let alone upload their own. The only social interactions that occurred happened inside basic chat rooms and forums.

Web 2.0

A new millennium meant a more interactive kind of Internet was available. All of a sudden, the internet was dynamic and focused on user-generated content, which suggested that observation shifted to participation. This was a thriving moment for Myspace, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., big-tech companies that took control over the user-generated data, making web 2.0 centralized by nature. Users had to be present on one of the aforementioned websites to participate. 


Last but not least, web 3.0 was designed to give back power to all users. Shifting away from centralization, only to discover decentralization, technically and economically. A user-owned internet is coming our way, and content creators need to take a different approach as if they are individual publishers. As for your audience? Let’s take a look at what you need to know and do so your content resonates with them. 

Help Your Audience Transition from Web2 to Web3

People are used to web2, despite the fact they’ve encountered data that suggests malicious activity and violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, the new digital journey faced a lot of criticism and skepticism. 

Content creators have an obligation to educate their audience and make the transition from web2 to web3 effortless and easy. Use videos and blogs, try to create a niche audience by creating content in your native language, and make a list of other blogs, podcasts, and videos that might contain useful information. 

Pro tip: Do not be afraid to share your own experience. People love personal stories and shared struggles, so this will keep them engaged and introduce them to when you launch a DAO or your NFT collection. 

Creating On the Metaverse

The heart of web3 is the metaverse. Leveraging the realms of virtual reality doesn’t have to be hard. People can create content while using numerous metaverses. The possibilities are endless. 

Tons of brand-new metaverses pop up every day, meaning that there is a constant need for content creators to build an extensive library of assets. These assets may include:

NFTs – to gain access to gated communities of the metaverse

Games – build games inside existing metaverses (Nakamoto and Roblox)

Play-to-Earn – If you’re not a game developer but enjoy playing, you can enjoy P2E (Axie Infinity and Splinterland)

Artist metaverse events – given that all industries are now expanding to the metaverse, if you’re an artist (singer, writer, painter), you have the chance to host private events for your community in the metaverse. A music show, a poetry reading, exclusive parties, NFT exhibitions, and more.

Use Social Tokens to Build with Your Community

With web2, creators had this immense pressure of creating by the platform rules and algorithms. That all changes with web3. In fact, this is where social tokens come into play. It works both ways and beautifully. The community has a chance to invest in you, and in turn, you can finally create groundbreaking, meaningful content, extending the value of their support. Don’t forget, web3 is all about ownership, and social tokens are here to narrow the gap between creators and followers, giving them direct control and making a deeper connection between the two. We at 42 Studio believe that social tokens are the best way to share success with your audience.

Use Smart Contracts to Your Advantage

Let’s make something clear: smart contracts aren’t just about NFTs. Also, NFTs are much more than digital art. It may seem puerile at first glance, but it goes deeper. We can now own our images on social platforms, but they all get away with using your content royalty-free. 

Web3 tech allows you to own the IP of your creative work, so the royalties for using your content go strictly to your pocket. Additionally, your NFTs can be a gift that keeps on giving, as you receive royalties each time someone resells or flips it. That way, creators own artwork with a deeper value that lasts.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, dear creators, your values should not change. It doesn’t matter if you’re on web2 or web3. What does need to change is your objectives regarding your community. By giving them constant value, you ensure that your audience will stay with you for the long run. Be honest, and they’ll keep investing in your work and you. Trust us, we know. Just take a look.

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