5 Secrets to an Effective Social Media Strategy

8 Nov 2022

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Even though social media has become a global pastime, news source, and stay-in-touch tool, and people spend an average of 2.5 hours on social media per day (that’s 15 hours per week!), many businesses still lack a social media strategy. Social media is becoming a place for people to discover digital projects and join vision-oriented communities around products and initiatives. If you don’t have a social media strategy for your brand yet, no worries, here you’ll learn the secrets of all good social media strategies to boost your exposure and create long-lasting success in the connected digital world.

Increase Brand Exposure 

Social media is a great way to boost your exposure without spending on Ad campaigns. Furthermore, unlike a traditional advertisement, your social media presence is something that doesn’t just disappear once your ad budget is drained. Rather, the number of followers will increase, and your overall presence on social media will look more impressive and established over time. 

*Pro Tip: Establish a vision of how your brand will be seen by your target audience and build your strategy with that at the forefront. Don’t forget about brand voice, design, colors, and more tiny details to send the right message. More on that idea here.

Reach Wider Audiences

A strong social media presence has the potential to reach lots of people you might not have even thought of. For example, you might choose to cross-tag partner brands on Twitter, and they might tag you, so you’ll get exposure from their followers, and they’ll get exposure from yours. Partnerships are a great way to get exposure, but there are also other methods to consider. Influencer marketing, for example, is a great tool to reach broader audiences. The permutations and combinations, and options are nearly limitless. Think outside of the box! 

*Pro Tip: Choose the right platforms for your audience. Depending on your brand, you don’t need to open accounts for every social media platform. Asses which platforms are right for you and put in the work to make them amazing!

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Boost Traffic & SEO

Social media is your gateway to traffic boosting. Once you establish your social media presence, the options for boosting traffic are nearly endless: link relevant blog articles to drive website traffic, announce brand campaigns, and feature a company video or podcast. The freedom of posting is endless. 

Keep in mind that different social platforms are ideal for different kinds of posts. For example, Instagram is the perfect place to post a video or cool picture, but it doesn’t let you create clickable links in your post. Reddit, on the other hand, has limited capacity to post visuals, but links are allowed. Twitter has become one of the most important -if not the most important- social platforms. On Twitter, you can post links, photos, and videos and tag everything and everyone that’s relevant to your content! Hashtags are a great way to boost your visibility. Make sure to do some tag research and test out different buzzwords to see what works best for your brand.

Interact With Customers & Get Real-Time Feedback

Businesses love to hear what their customers think about their products. But surveys and customer satisfaction emails might seem cumbersome and time-consuming to your clientele. Social media is a great way to hear organic feedback straight from the source – good or bad. Reddit, Discord, and Telegram are ideal platforms to get your customers interacting with each other and with the company. These provide the framework and forum for your community of users to feel comfortable, ask questions, and say what’s on their minds. 

Using one of these platforms to hear your customers’ voices will also make your brand appear receptive to feedback, transparent, responsive, and trustworthy, and will help build up your reputation.

In Summary

Lower overall marketing costs, increased exposure, better leads, more loyal fans, and improved online search rankings are just a few benefits of implementing an innovative social media strategy. 42 Studio has social media experts that can help! Reach out today to get pro advice on your strategy, oh and be sure to follow us on Twitter 😉

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