5 Things To Keep In Mind When Crafting Your Brand Logo

4 Sep 2022

From large enterprises to small shops, every brand needs a logo that will convey its own unique flavor. Choosing a logo is seemingly a small piece in the puzzle which is the brand’s journey, but don’t take it lightly; logo and branding are key components to business and marketing success. Each detail counts. 

Corporate Colors

Think of color as a psychological tool. Warm oranges make people comfortable, robust reds give off the feeling of excitement. Yellow is cheery. Green is clean. Blue is true. Color-coding is built into our intuition and nature. Proper branding should examine the brand message and choose colors to complement and communicate to the target clientele. Because each color sends its own message, most logos are restricted to two or three colors so as to be clear and concise with brand messaging.


Besides the colors, almost every business establishes a brand font. Actually, for each brand, there are a handful of fonts that need to be selected for various purposes: website headings (H1, H2, H3) ‘normal’ text, social media post fonts, blog fonts, and more. Just like each color sets a tone, each font gives off an impression. It’s important to choose wisely, and brand blocks can be a guiding north star in many cases.  

Brand Blocks 

Fitting into a specific brand block to be seen on the same ‘shelf’-so to speak- by your audience is a good starting point to guide your branding and gain exposure. Soda brands are a perfect example: each label is similar enough to the others that you know a soda is a soda just by looking at it, even if you might have never had X new brand of Coke. But this tactic is not limited to supermarkets. 

Digital products of a certain type also have logos of a specific flavor.  Take Apple and Android as an example. Even though the little green Android monster is not an apple, it mimics the iOS logo type: a seemingly unrelated digital-looking item with no words, and a simple 3D texture. 

*Note: Although brand blocks can be helpful in guiding branding choices, it’s important to maintain integrity that reflects the unique edge of the product. 


Even though you might not notice it, the texture of your logo provides the consumer with subconscious insights into your product as well. Whether it’s flat, 3D, bumpy, or layered logo texture will play a major role in associating your brand with the proper brand block, and even give insight into the depth and scope of your product. 


Whether to include a slogan within your logo or outside of it or to leave it blank altogether is a decision every business faces. But, if you can distill your brand vision, mission, or purpose into three simple words, your message has the potential to soar

Final Thoughts

The way a brand presents itself to the outside world starts with something as seemingly simple as a logo, which, although small, has immense potential to shape brand exposure and virality. Each decision in the making of your logo, from color palette to slogan, is an important one. Overall, branding and logo creation is a balancing act of staying within the lines of your brand block while giving a little something extra to show off your product in a fresh way. Find out how 42 can uncover that “little something” to give you the extra edge you need! (The secret lies in the details).

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