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Cyber Security In the Hospitality Industry

Secure Stay specializes in cyber-attack mitigation for the data-driven hotel industry. The technology that backs up Secure Stay is cutting-edge, guaranteeing a safe hotel environment. Together with 42 Studio, Secure Stay created a platform with an interactive dashboard and alert notifications corresponding to the latest cybersecurity standards.

Secure Stay’s advanced software creates an impenetrable cybersecurity shield. Even if some vulnerabilities show up along the way, the cybersecurity dashboard is there to help pinpoint the problem allowing a timely response. The Secure Stay platform is tailor-made to fit every hotel individually.

Our role

Secure Stay is a pioneer of cybersecurity in the hospitality industry. The brand came into existence through the collaborative efforts of 42 Studio and Secure Stay. The UI/UX designers at 42 Studio delivered a visual representation of Secure Stay's product in record time. Every dashboard aspect is intuitive, allowing immediate response to each arising threat.

Along with the product design, 42 Studio has also shaped and established the brand’s digital identity and presence. Secure Stay’s website features in-depth content that includes an informative, engaging blog. The website’s design language resonates with the target audience of hoteliers creating a high-end ambiance. In addition, 42 Studio’s motion designer created a video that revolves around the industry's pressing problem of cyber attacks.

Logo Design & Branding

Data Protection Features

  • Document Encryption

  • System Integrity

  • Restore Access

  • Network Protection

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