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First and foremost, Mr. Influencer connects customers with social media influencers who act as their brand ambassadors. No matter what their vertical is, Mr. Influencer can connect them to an influencer to promote their brand. Influencers with a large social media following, who are looking for a better way to monetize their posts, represent the other half of their clientele. They are connected to leading brands in their niche for the best ROI on their social media activity.

Our Role

This website is designed and developed for the younger audience and modern brands. Each element of the website renders vibrant energy. Every team member of 42 Studio left their imprint in the form of creativity, professionalism, and dedication. Mr. Influencer, as a brand, is thoroughly represented on various social media platforms with the help of our content marketing team. UX designers implemented the color palette that speaks to the purpose of the website in the most appropriate way. As for the motion design, we have created an impressive video that invites influencers of all kinds to join the project. Also, there are numerous animations spread across the website.

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