Writing Top-Notch Landing Page Copy that Facilitates Conversions

22 Sep 2021

Writing a successful landing page copy is a skill that can be acquired through practice. However, this skill is not the only ingredient that makes landing page copy stand out. There is a technique, and once a writer masters this technique, their landing pages convert more. 

First of all, it is necessary to understand what conversion is: it is how your audience processes information and makes purchasing decisions. In this article, we will speak about ways to boost conversions by means of writing quality landing page copy. 

1. Speak about the advantages your products or services can yield for your prospects.

Every product or service offers solutions, although it is not something your audience is oblivious about. In fact, your customers know what they are looking for, and they are aware of the requirements your product or service should correspond to. So if you talk only about a solution, you don’t provide information the audience is interested in. Speak about the advantages. Advantages beat solutions, so make sure to have them as a leading theme of your landing page. 

2. Include testimonials. 

It is the ultimate solution to let your customers create copy for you. Testimonials often result in conversions, so make sure to ask your audience for feedback every time they purchase your product or service. It is hard to surpass this type of content. This way, you make your product or service stand out and look more reliable. Testimonials are essential as they demonstrate the outcome your clients will have if they purchase your product or service. 

3. Write an excellent headline.

We are not going to discover America if we tell you that usually, people don’t read all the content written on your landing page. They skim the text and go over the page in general without reading every word. Therefore, it is essential to adapt and write copy that speaks to your audience. The most crucial element of every landing page is a dozen of words in the headline. 

4. Don’t overcomplicate your language.

Let us put it shortly: stick to simple, concise copy. Simplicity is the most important writing skill when it comes to landing pages. It sells. Implement a simple sentence structure and keep sentences short. Use short, simple words to express yourself to have a clear voice. 

5. Engage users to take action.

The last important technique is to write a killer call-to-action. The main purpose of your landing page is to boost conversions and to get them you have to ask your audience for them. Writing copy for your CTA button is as important, if not more, as the rest of the copy on your page. 


Consider these tips to write effective copy if you’d like to facilitate conversions through a landing page. If you adhere to these copywriting techniques, you can definitely boost your conversion rates.

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