Why VCs aren’t getting back to You and What You Should Do About It

14 Aug 2023

One of the most disheartening experiences is getting ghosted by a VC. Especially after you’ve invested heart and soul into perfecting your pitch. So, why do VCs ghost founders, what does it mean, and most importantly, how should you respond?

There could be any number of reasons why VCs aren’t getting back to you. From family vacations to flat-out disinterest in your project. In any situation, there are ways to respond and ways not to. And: there are ways to avoid it in the first place. 

Let’s explore them together.

Why are they ghosting me?

It might be because your project lacks professionalism, depth of character, and originality. It might be because they are not interested in investing in DeFi products, and that’s what you’re offering.  They may be simply on vacation with their family and don’t want to be bothered. Or they’re at an important conference and don’t have time. 

Since they are not communicating with you, you simply cannot know the reason, so don’t waste time trying to pinpoint it.  Remember: VCs are not bags of money, they are humans. 

How to respond

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

Since you don’t know the exact reason, assume that the problem is with your project. Go to work, and perfect your digital identity, starting with your pitch deck and ending with your social media presence. Confidently take your place in the digital arena with a proper logo, branding, digital identity, website, and social community. Create product demo videos. Make your product come to life in the digital space even if the final version is far from launch.

Reinvent your pitch deck in compelling terms and professionally stunning design. Cultivate a sense of FOMO throughout your narrative, showing investors why they need you more than you need them. Work these messages into your digital identity, throughout your website and social content. 

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from doubling down and working hard on building up your digital identity. A solid brand identity and digital presence will pay off in the future, no matter what. 

Say the investor is simply on vacation. When he returns on the other side, refreshed and excited about new project investments, you’ll be able to show off all of the work you’ve put in since your last message: new project updates, a new website, new product design, and branding. This will impress him and increase your chances of securing the investment. Also, since you were so busy working, you probably didn’t have a chance to bother him with follow-up messages.

How NOT to respond

Don’t be a nudge or a nuisance. If you send one message and don’t get a response. Don’t send another for at least a month. You don’t know what the VC’s personal situation is right now. If they are on vacation and you are constantly bombarding them with messages, they will likely block you, and you’ll never have a chance, simply because you lacked the consideration to take a step back and give them some personal space.

Personality plays a big role in funding. If an investor doesn’t like you or your personality, they’re not going to invest in your project. Investing in a project is entering into a partnership with that project and its founders. If an investor gets the sense that you’ll work well together, they simply will not enter a partnership with you. Furthermore, if they don’t like your personality, they’ll be reticent to trust your ability to lead your initiative to success.

Avoid getting ghosted in the first place

Getting VC ghosted is an exercise in patience, humility, and dedication. It’s an experience that many founders have undergone, and most would rather skip. Is getting ghosted a right of passage into the world of entrepreneurship, or can it be skipped over? While we can’t guarantee this will never happen to you (be ready, and don’t overreact), there are a few things you can do to avoid it. 

Research thoroughly

Do your research and diligence before reaching out. Get to know your VC before you contact them.  Maybe you’re not targeting the right VCs? Maybe you’re not giving the VC the right information they need to be compelled to invest in you.

Send more than just a Deck

Don’t just send a pitch deck. If you can’t secure a formal meeting, and you end up sending a cold telegram message, make sure to include more than just a pitch deck – links to your product design, website, socials, and product videos. With your message, include a three-sentence blurb that they won’t be able to ignore, something that will totally catch their attention. Show that you are actively building, not waiting around for the VC.

Include Financials, GTM, Goals

Include your financials, funding goals, and Go2Market Strategy in your deck so they see that you are organized, responsible, and goal-oriented.

Perfect your GTM

Make sure that your Go2Market is strategically compelling. After all, the GTM is really what they are putting their money on, as well as your ability to execute it. 

Putting in the Work

Out of resources and time to put in the work yourself? Not sure where to start or which direction to go? Talk to us about your journey and goals. When it comes to pitch decks, digital identity, branding, and product design, we know exactly how to get the job done well, and we’re happy to share some of our insights or help achieve your goals hands-on.

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