The Blue Bird Is Dead; Will It Rise Up Like A PhoeniX?

26 Jul 2023

For the past few days we’ve been witnessing the rebranding of Twitter to – After a lot of tweeting (or should we now say x-ing?!), it’s official: Twitter is undergoing a complete rebrand and it becomes “X”. Since July 24th, redirects to, while the “temporary X logo” has replaced the well-known blue Twitter bird logotype. Twitter employees received a circular e-mail from the owner about these changes, and it’s supposedly the last piece of communication sent from a Twitter email address. In this article, we will delve into the rebranding of Twitter to, analyzing public reception, Musk’s obsession with the letter X, the future outlook of, and the valuable lessons we can learn from this audacious move.


In an interesting turn of events on July 23, the tech mogul and owner of Twitter and Tesla, Elon Musk, took to his favorite platform, Twitter, to announce pending changes that would alter the social media landscape forever. The blue bird, synonymous with Twitter, was about to be replaced by a new identity, The announcement sent shockwaves through the digital marketing world, as enthusiasts eagerly awaited the unveiling of the new logo and brand.

The Tweets That Sparked It All

Elon Musk’s mastery of social media is well-known, and when he started tweeting about the impending changes to Twitter, the internet was ablaze with speculation.

His tweets were cryptic yet exciting, leaving followers eager for more details. Musk’s strategic use of Twitter as a marketing tool generated immense buzz and anticipation around the rebranding, setting the stage for the grand unveiling of

The Controversial Logo Unveiling

The big moment arrived when’s new logo was finally revealed in a 3-second video clip. This tweet (or, again, should we say x?!) gained a lot of traction… The response was mixed, with many people criticizing it for being too simplistic and lacking the charm of the iconic blue bird. However, amidst the criticism, Musk’s loyal fanboys expressed their awe and admiration for the new design, demonstrating the influence of a strong brand personality. Surprisingly, even Musk himself acknowledged that the logo might need further refinement in the future, which speaks volumes about the lack of planning for this entire move, especially the visual design aspect, which seems a bit botched. 

Ongoing Obsession with the Letter X

Elon Musk’s fascination with the letter X is no secret. Throughout his various projects, the letter X has had an overwhelming presence. From SpaceX to the Tesla Model X, Musk’s affinity for this enigmatic symbol is evident. Incorporating it into the new brand,, further solidifies the founder’s strong personal touch on the project, supposedly aimed at disconnecting from Twitter’s past as a whole. This alignment with Musk’s personal interests does create a sense of authenticity and passion that resonates with some parts of the Twitter audience.

The Future Perspective of

As Twitter transforms into, the future perspective can be seen as both promising and challenging. Rebranding such a well-established platform requires careful navigation. On one hand, solidifies the company’s access to Musk’s vast network and devoted followers, which could potentially lead to a steady growth. On the other hand, it must address the concerns of loyal Twitter users who may be apprehensive about the changes.

Additionally, the rebranding opens new opportunities for to explore diversified revenue streams. Leveraging Tesla’s tech & innovation storyline, there may be potential for integrating e-commerce and other advanced features into the platform. However, managing these changes while preserving the essence of Twitter’s original purpose as a social media platform – which is the reason why all of the users are there in the first place – will be critical for’s success.

Lessons from the Rebranding

The rebranding of Twitter to offers valuable insights for digital marketers:

Embrace Innovation & Risk-Taking: Elon Musk’s audacious move exemplifies the significance of daring to innovate and take calculated risks. Rebranding a well-known platform is not without its perils, but when executed thoughtfully, it can lead to immense rewards.

Engage Your Audience: Musk’s strategic use of social media, engaging with his audience through cryptic tweets, generated tremendous curiosity and excitement. Engaging your audience in creative ways can foster brand loyalty and ‘evangelism’ of sorts.

Brand Personality Matters: Musk’s strong personality and his devotion to a vision, embodied somehow in the letter X, became an integral part of the new brand. A brand with a clear personality can forge stronger connections with its target audience.

Adapt and Refine: Musk’s willingness to accept feedback and admit the need for further refinement shows the importance of being open to change and evolution. Brands that embrace constant improvement are more likely to stay relevant in a fast-paced digital landscape.

To conclude…

The transformation of Twitter into marks a momentous event and a bold move in the digital marketing world. Elon Musk’s strategic use of Twitter to announce the pending changes set the stage for an exhilarating rebranding process. While the new logo faced both criticism and praise, Musk’s attachment to the letter X added a personal touch that resonated with his fan base.

As steps into the future, it faces exciting prospects and challenges. The rebranding offers invaluable lessons for digital marketers, emphasizing the importance of innovation, audience engagement, brand personality, and adaptability. Only time will tell if will rise to reach the stars and achieve unparalleled success in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, or perhaps implode and die away like a supernova.

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