Top SEO Trends for Your Marketing Strategy

16 Mar 2022

In 2022 innovation will be the ultimate key for companies to survive and thrive throughout the year. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s all about helping search engines understand and display content. In simple terms, SEO is about outsmarting your competitors by implementing unexpected strategies. 

This type of approach is necessary to achieve and sustain growth in unprecedented times. It’s also important to keep in mind that in this fast-paced industry, it’s vital to keep up with the latest trends. Here we’ll mention the ones you should keep an eye on. 

Quality Content and On-Page SEO

To have quality content can mean different things for everyone, but what’s really important for SEO is what Google considers quality content. Google ranks websites based on the NM (or needs met) of the page. They define High-Quality Content as having a useful purpose for users and achieving that purpose well. 

Some of the characteristics of high-quality pages are:

  • A good amount of MC (main content) is high in quality, including a helpful or descriptive title. 
  • High levels of Authoritativeness, Expertise, and Trustworthiness. 
  • Information about the people in charge of the website. If the website includes financial transactions or it’s mainly for shopping, then having customer service info is essential.
  • Your brand’s website’s leading content creator should have a positive reputation.

What Is Google Looking for?

There are various factors that Google is searching for even beyond the content guidelines. The truth is, for marketers to understand a user’s journey, they’ll have to depend more on first-party data. It will also be of great help to keep up with all of Google’s updates on the algorithm. 

It’s essential to write and optimize your brand’s content to be relevant by implementing a strategy of natural language processing created with SEO tools. Those tools will aid you in bucketing common search queries and topics into groups of keywords.

These are some pointers every webpage should consider:

  • Content should focus on the model of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Also, you should contemplate adding testimonials, certifications, and reviews since these will help you boost your EAT.
  • Your website should have a purpose that lines up with search intent.
  • Provide your audience with content that captures their interest at every phase of the sales funnel.

Keep Up With the Updates of Google’s Algorithm

Last year, Google announced a Core Web Vitals ranking factor, which impacted the mobile page experience. The Hummingbird Update, the BERT Update, and RankBrain Update are other updates to keep in mind. 

Since Google’s algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, now it’s more important than ever to write about relevant topics. The most pertinent behavior metrics for quality content are:

  • Increased time on site
  • Increased traffic and rankings
  • Higher conversion rates

Competitor Keyword Analysis

This is a great place to start; it’s always a great idea to look at your top competitor’s domain authority and keyword rankings. You’ll want to see where your website stands against your main competitors so you can create an efficient SEO strategy.

These are some factors to consider:

  • The history of your website’s ranking
  • Compare your competitor’s domain authority with your brand’s website
  • The keyword and ranking strategy of your competition’s page

In 2022 it’s critical to prioritize looking at keyword rankings on your own page. You should also evaluate what pages you should rank for specific keywords. Also, make an assessment of the pages you should consider removing or redirecting.

Indexing and Technical SEO Strategies

Your hard work can go out the window if Google doesn’t index your website efficiently. Ensuring your website is set up for success in a technical way is crucial for your SEO strategy.

Things to look after when verifying your website property in the Google Search Console:

  • Security
  • Insights of pagespeed
  • Structured data
  • Incorrect canonicals

Image and Video Search

According to recent stats, more users look after Google’s image and video search results. Optimizing for visual queries could provide excellent opportunities for your brand. 

Final Word

Having a good-looking landing page doesn’t have any meaning if your SEO strategy is not on point. It’s Important to create a website with SEO as the primary focus since your online presence will be the center point of your digital marketing work.

Know your audience and understand their purchase journey before constructing your pages and your marketing strategy. Provide your audience with high-quality content relevant to their needs and optimize it for engaging with them.

As we can see, 2022 will be a promising year for SEO: no more keyword or link spam tactics. SEO is back to basics, humans building quality websites to satisfy their customer’s needs.

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