The Necessary Elements of a Perfect Mobile App UI

14 Apr 2022

Catching the interest of the short attention span that we all have makes it that much harder to spark your customers’ interest. And guess what? Mobile app UI leaves a strong impression on the audience about your brand. The better the user interface, the better the user experience. 

Going back to basics could be the smartest thing you’ll do when it comes to reinventing or creating your mobile app from scratch. Design your user interface right with the help of 42 Studio. Let’s dive into the factors that have the most influence on a high-quality UI.

Color is Key

First and foremost, color. As one of the most important design elements, the color palette should be carefully picked. What do you think is the first thing user stumble upon when opening the app? It’s the main color. 

In fact, each and every color carries a deeper meaning and associations with users. The study of colors is a thing, and good designers know this. The psychology behind colors in digital marketing should be applied and thought after while constructing the mobile app design. The mobile interface and app design elements should comply with and complement the brand’s image ideas with color.

Font is Important

Next in line is the font. It is the representation of your content. Or the way zour content is displayed. The font will help set the tone first, even before the customer gets to read the content. Keep in mind that the font you choose can make or break the customer’s interest in your mobile app. 

42 Studio Pro Tip: Stear clear of complicated font, as they will only confuse the customers.

Icons for the Win

One of the most necessary mobile app elements are icons. These small images are far more important for app design than you might think. The overall perception is altered while users look at your mobile app. Here are the main types of icons:

  • App icon – app representation
  • Interactive icon – navigation
  • Clarifying icon – explanatory
  • Decorative icon – attractiveness

Whichever type of icon you choose to incorporate into the design, be sure to make it clear. The action needed from the customer should be expressed right away, at first glance. Be careful to avoid confusion and hesitation.

Illustrations Are a Must

Hold your horses; we are not done just yet. Before concluding your mobile app design, don’t forget to add illustrations to your design elements list. All creatives should be of the utmost quality. 

Besides that, the second most important thing is how these creatives complement your content. Illustrations should be handled smartly – reflecting the point proven inside the text. Consider everything: various screen resolutions and different device sizes. Providing the best experience should be your main goal.

Brand Design for Customer Attraction

Being clever is so underrated. A clever user interface can work wonders for your mobile app design. This app represents your brand, so be careful to incorporate the essence of your brand into the smartphone app. It’ll be the first thing they see, and they want to know that they can trust you. It is all about building long-lasting relationships with your customers. The app design has more to it than you know.

Navigation is Everything

We’ve covered it all; color, fonts, imagery, other visuals, but hey. With a crowd like this, you don’t want your customers to get lost in the chaos of app design elements. This is why navigation is everything.

You want your customers to go through your app with ease, finding everything they need in the right place. Keep in mind that every user needs to know where he is and what his next action should be at any moment while using the app. Use navigational instruments to lead the way through the app. Your customers will love you for it!

42 Studio Pro Tip: Make sure to find just the right balance between simplicity and interactivity. Avoid a tangled interface at all costs!

Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our mobile app design journey. 42 Studio gave you the materials and guidance. Now, it’s your turn to shine and show your customers an interface they’ll never forget, guaranteeing a seamless user experience. Amaze the crowd with your mobile app design. Stay functional yet attractive. Be wise. You can thank us later!
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