The Impact of Content Marketing: A Website as a Storefront for Your Digital Brand

14 Dec 2022

A picture is worth 1000 words, yes, but the right words placed in the right place cannot be embodied by any single image. A website is an entity that is comprised of both elements: design and content, and they must work in complete harmony to define a digital identity. In the present digital era, there are a variety of ways to attract users, and each of them involves quality content. If we consider a website as the most widespread means of communication between consumers and brands, it must include informative and compelling content strong enough to convert. A website cannot consist merely of attention-grabbing, mesmerizing graphics, the shelves of your storefront need to be filled with goods skillfully represented by the fusion of effective design and content. 

Build brand trust

It’s true that today brands are more likely to attract people’s attention on the internet with a design that wows. However, once this attention has been captured, you need to inform, spark further interest, and ultimately convert. Quality content contributes to the quality grade of the brand’s products and services. How can a company be trusted if they cannot present their mission in a way that will make people understand it from the first read? Quality content marketing inspires trust. People who understand and like what they read on a website are more likely to make a final purchasing decision. 

Build credibility with the written word

Reputation and success depend on top-grade content. A decision to use limited website real estate for misleading or improper content can cost brands their investments and efforts. If a user visits a website and can’t understand the value propositions and the product, there is a high chance they will choose to explore other options to avoid committing to a company that can’t articulate what they are offering and why. Companies that don’t have direct competitors risk losing a solid opportunity of becoming a leader in their niche by not properly conveying their messaging. 

Engage, convert, and retain

Moving from general to specific, let’s take a look at an example of an effective homepage structure. You can stop right here if you’d like 42Studio to do the heavy lifting for you, or you can read on; we love to empower our audience with useful tips. 

Example: Homepage

The hero section is an essential part of every homepage, this is where you need to grab your visitors’ attention in a very concise sentence, 5-9 words maximum. Think of what makes your brand stand out, what its main selling point is, and how it fills in the current market need.

Pro tip: Don’t forget about a CTA!

The following two sections speak about your products and services in a more specific way, outlining their features and benefits. Your potential client deserves to know what they are getting in case they choose you. 

Pro tip: Use bullet points to list features and elements!

The next sections should give visitors more reasons to stay, describing specific features that set your brand apart to show visitors that your brand is worth their attention and commitment. This can include testimonials and a list of partners. People need to know they are in good hands and in good company.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to include a contact form in the footer! 

This structure should give you a better idea of some basic elements that a homepage should include. Much depends on the specific brand and what it offers, as well as the site map (if your website is a one-pager, the structure will most likely be quite different). If you are in the process of building a website for your company and you need an expert opinion and execution, reach out to 42’s CEO, Tomer Friedman, and we’ll help you skyrocket your brand with professional content marketing that converts. 

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