The Best Methods for Managing Client Relationships Efficiently

22 Jun 2021

In the business world, we deal with relationships all the time. Obtaining new clients is just a part of the process. The other important element is retaining these clients. You must be careful not to blow all your money and effort on landing a client, meaning you need to learn to manage your new relationships properly. Creating great business relationships requires lots of resources, such as quality systems, substantial investments, decent software to stay on top of things, especially when working with several clients simultaneously. With solid relationship management, you can establish rewarding partnerships that last many years to come and yield a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties. These business relationships require sincere effort from both you and your client. In this article, we will cover several ways you can use to improve your client relationship management process. 

1. Goal setting process should involve both the client and you.

Your adherence to client relationships should become the focus during the goal-setting process. Seeing that a client comes to you for a solution doesn’t mean that they are ready to give up control over setting goals and coming up with a plan to improve their business. Successful collaboration can be achieved if your clients and you adhere to some basic statements, such as “Listen and be ready to learn from each other,” “Exchange ideas,” “Agree on mutual goals,” and “Facilitate goal achievement.” It is the right way you and your clients should set goals together. If you abide by these statements and mutually engage in goal-defining processes, there is a better probability that together, you will achieve better results. 

2. The client shouldn’t address you with questions.

First of all, let’s clarify that it doesn’t mean that you should forbid your clients to ask you questions. It means that business relationships are all about proactive communication, so we suggest you take the initiative. Your clients shouldn’t wait weeks for your response via email or other means of communication. They should feel that you are properly addressing their needs. You should be actively assisting your clients and keep them informed about the progress. Your clients should be so well-informed that they don’t have to ask you questions because you have provided them with all the information. What can be done to allocate as much time to your customers as possible? You can use various communication tools like Slack to stay in touch and manage projects together. Address potential questions or concerns before they even have been asked.  

3. Don’t leave out clients’ responsibilities.

The client cannot be completely detached from the process, regardless if you manage marketing campaigns or deal with logistics. To achieve great results, the client should be involved in the work process themselves, mainly because you might need their help to obtain certain information. It often happens when businesses come across obstacles because they anticipate clients deliver assets. Moreover, annoying clients for these assets can ruin the relationship. Therefore when you require something from your client, be respectful and try not to overcomplicate things. 

4. Meet clients’ needs before they become aware of them.

Regardless of the role you take in the relationship with your clients, it is your direct responsibility to address their pressure points and do your best to find ways to assist them in reaching their goals. The issue is that clients don’t always know what they need. They might understand that there is a problem without being able to identify the reason why they cannot reach their goal. Try putting yourself in your client’s shoes and address issues before they become acknowledged by your clients. This way, you will build trust and deliver better results. If you intend on making a good impression, don’t wait for your clients to address their problems. In a nutshell, you need to be proactive. Demonstrate your competence and dedication, and try identifying things your clients will need in the future. 

5. Final thoughts: be transparent, always.

Making mistakes is normal and natural. Even though you do your best, you might not meet the expectations of your clients in reaching the goals you established. It might be inviting to cover up these imperfections, as you might lose a client. However, dishonesty can result in much worse consequences. 

Any significant relationship requires time and effort. Even though the aforementioned tips don’t seem obvious from the first glance, they will yield long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

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