The Benefits of Motion Design

21 Mar 2022

Motion design, also called motion graphics, has a central focus on moving audiovisual content consisting of various shapes, colors, transitions, and typography. 

Motion design has evolved into a significant animation that can be utilized in many different ways. Even though the term appeared in digitalization, its origins go back to the first half of the last century. An animated film called “Gertie the Dinosaur” provided viewers with a new experience that combined music, moving images, and for the first time, text.

In simple terms, motion graphics are a mix of animation and graphic elements. With the right music in the background, simple shapes have the ability to become real storytellings. 

Why Motion Design?

This type of design can be helpful in different areas, mainly when a subject has to be presented in a more abstract way. A great example of this is the explanation of a process, a little sequence, or the design of an app. 

The combination of moving shapes and changing backgrounds and colors creates a very dynamic effect that quickly catches the attention of the audience. That’s the reason why this kind of animation is excellent for explanatory and training videos. Also, these animations are a great alternative for social media posts. That way, you avoid boring posts based only on text.

Motion graphics are also less time-consuming since they’re based on typography and icons instead of frame-by-frame or character animation.

Motion Design and UX

User experience is all about the feelings and perception a user gets while making use of a particular product, mainly in the digital media industry. Motion graphics are able to contribute significantly when it comes to the user experience. It helps by making navigation through a web page more predictable and easier. For example, elements can appear only after moving and clicking with the mouse pointer. 

By implementing moving graphic elements, concepts can be explained in a more simplified and easily understandable way. Even simple essential elements, such as a call-to-action button, has the ability to get the attention of the audience with the proper motion design.

Marketing and Motion Design

Graphic elements in motion are a great tool to communicate your message and can be utilized as a part of your marketing plan. Additionally, you should consider that moving content in social media is more effective than content with static elements. By utilizing elements like these, your possibilities of creating brand awareness will grow. 

There’s no need to create long videos; on the contrary, “snack content” is becoming more popular on social media. Even elements such as a simple GIF with graphic elements in motion can create a difference between your brand and your competitors.

About 95% of the audience is more likely to remember any form of moving content over the 10% that remembers static one. This proves that integrating graphic elements in motion has a better lasting effect. After all, doesn’t an animated video sound much more attractive than a big chunk of text?

Which Software Should You Use?

There are different programs that even inexperienced people can use. Which one you should use is entirely up to you; it will all depend on your goals, needs, budget, and knowledge of the technical elements. 

One of the most popular programs among professionals is Adobe After Effects, but of course, there are many others.

  • Powtoon

This software has quality templates with a wide array of characters. It’s easy to use due to its drag-and-drop function. Although the HD quality is only available with the subscription. It offers a free version, too. 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

This is usually used to give motion graphics a more polished and professional look.

  • Cinema 4D

This is software for creating professional 3D animations. It’s helpful to create complex and sophisticated animations while being easy to use.

Final Word

Motion design can help you way more than you can imagine. It is a fascinating type of animation. Not only can it have a positive impact on your marketing campaign, but it also makes an outstanding contribution to the user experience. It can be used in many different ways. Explore and see which way suits you best.

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