SEO Project Management: Tips for Success-Hungry Agencies

25 Jan 2022

When coming across this topic, you might ask yourself, what do SEO and project management have in common? Isn’t SEO just a part of some technical sorcery that will make your website a go-to destination?

SEO is a relatively young digital marketing field that grew along with the internet. The last five years show significant growth, given the market’s ever-changing nature. This is why many people get it wrong or actually have no idea what SEO is. Although, most people heard of it. 

This is why it is no surprise that many people wouldn’t connect SEO and project management. In the magic world of digital marketing, whoever’s in charge of SEO duties knows that project management is an integral part of the agency’s daily operations.

42 Studio knows the drill. This is why we are listing everything you need to know about the SEO/project management correlation. Why it matters, how it’s defined, and finally, the foolproof tips on achieving effectiveness and ultimate success. Keep reading to know the secrets!

SEO Project Management Definition

To put it simply, this type of project management is the one that involves anything connected to SEO. If it’s a necessary daily practice, with a set timeframe that requires planning, execution, monitoring, or finalizing any SEO team’s work task, then it’s SEO project management by definition. 

Why It Matters?

But the question is, why is it so important? Well, without project management, no functioning nor flourishing client relationship would be possible. A series of invaluable benefits for the SEO team is guaranteed if effective project management is in place. A definitive plus is a deeper relationship with each and every client.

Tips for Success-Hungry Agencies

Project Management – An SEO Skill

A successful SEO strategy is not just about well-planned tactics. It is mainly about the ability to manage the project in question, the people vs. the clients, with the addition of all external factors. 

Not all strategies will be the same; mainly, some will be far more complex than the other, which is why learning how to navigate project management is invaluable. A talented project manager is there to handle all internal and external expectations, put out fires that almost always occur, and work on fast idea implementation. 

Make Blueprints

Before getting yourself into a project, a good evaluation of the work scope could be the greatest advice we can give you. An SEO strategy can involve a large number of stakeholders: from teammates clients to third parties. Eventually, it all comes down to making a precise plan for your future actions. 

The Right Tools Get the Job Done

When managing a project, you don’t need a complicated system of tools to prove that you know what you’re doing. The only thing you need is the right tools. 42 Studio advises you to communicate with your clients to determine which tools they are comfortable with or might already use. 

This is important because clients perceive you as an extension of their business, so attention to such detail will impact positive change. These tools might include time tracking apps like Hour, Toggl, or Harvest. For document sharing, there are always free yet effective options made by Google: Google Drive and Dropbox.

42 Studio suggests one of the all-star communication apps for seamless communication: Slack, Zoom, or Skype. As for the project management platforms, you can utilize Trello, Jira, TeamWork, etc. It’s really up to you (and the clients) to choose.

There’s No “I” in Team

The subtitle couldn’t be more accurate. The outcome of almost every project highly depends on how the team gets along. We know that every project is different, but so is every team.

Many daily tasks depend on the people you share a workspace with, from quality assurance to something as simple as briefing. The key is to learn how to function as a unit. This will highly determine the success of any project.

A good project manager should know how to leverage employee strengths and weaknesses and match them to project needs. If you’re looking for ultimate tips: listen, ask, observe, add a framework, and get feedback. 

Communicate Information With the Team

Knowledge sharing is a big yes when it comes to successful SEO project management. Whether internal or external, sharing team findings and news to maximize team potential and optimize work is key. 

The culture of transparent knowledge sharing needs to be cultivated among team members. It goes beyond project management, and it can help with day-to-day tasks. Subsequently, the whole team dynamic. It is advised to create a centralized location where all the files and information sharing is going down.

Give Us Value!

Finally, to answer the question, who’s the boss: it’s the client. An SEO team needs to set the bar high when managing a project. Project managers should ensure that the clients are satisfied with the work while all the predefined SEO goals are met.

Again, transparency is a key factor in managing projects. If you’re trying to sell something that doesn’t match the client’s needs or saying yes to everything is not the right direction your team should take. 

42 Studio Pro Tip: Value is underrated. Value gives results. Clients want value. Give them value!

Closing Thoughts

To summarize, project management has become an invaluable tool for modern SEO, despite the industry technicalities. The list above shows how you can get in on the new and improved SEO action.  42 Studio is here for you and has your back when it comes to growing and improving your business. This is why you should follow our blog, where you’ll find quality pieces of writing designed and created to aid in expanding your business ventures, making them top of the line, beating all competition along the way.

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