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One Holistic Studio Shapes Blockchain Ideas into Real Products

10 Apr 2022

When you have an idea for a product that you know will change the world, it is difficult to take it to the next step, break it down into its components, create it, and convince the world that they need it.  Blockchain ideas are even more challenging because you have to create a support system even before the product is complete. This is no simple task, but companies like 42Studio are helping blockchain entrepreneurs do this – and succeed – every day. 

So what’s the secret to success? 

You might think that the more airdrop and bounty campaigns, the more hype, but if it were that easy, 42Studio wouldn’t be in business. “It all starts with good branding, and good branding starts with a deep understanding of the product.” Tomer Friedman, 42 Studio CEO, tells us, “Bounty campaigns have their place, but real quality comes from getting to know the product and understand how it will influence the blockchain space. Every aspect related to the product, whether it’s the UI/UX, or Twitter content, needs to reflect the unique flavor of the brand.” 

42Studio helps blockchain entrepreneurs and startups create their products from the ground up and established companies give their brands extra flair. The studio houses content marketing, UI/UX design, animation, web development, blockchain and smart contract development, and community management teams to give brands a one-stop-shop to success.

“The founders aren’t always the ones who can understand their ideas the best,” says Friedman, “it takes an outsider to ask the right questions and translate the nuances of the larger vision into a logo, design, website flows, and marketable content.”

The market of blockchain products is growing and changing as digital currencies, NFTs, and DeFi go mainstream. A few years ago, the only people in the blockchain space were either tech geeks or scam magnets. Today, this is not the case. Friedman tells of his company’s journey to the blockchain space: “When we made the switch over to blockchain, it shook up the company a bit, but there is no denying that the digital world is going through a revolution, and the blockchain is its backbone. There is just so much potential in the space right now.”  

Nobody has a crystal ball, but market predictions and daily trends are in 42Studio’s favor. There are more blockchain projects popping up right now than ever. It seems that everyone wants in on the goldmine of the digital future. “Since we took up blockchain projects as our niche, we have been busier than ever,” says Friedman, “Projects are coming in left and right. We’re still a pretty small studio, but I have full confidence in my talented team, and there is always room for growth.” 

The studio recently helped successfully launch the first-ever dapp store, hosting community validated applications, spanning the gamut of NFTs to liquidity pools, GameFi to DeFi. The only thing the app store doesn’t host is bad apps and scams. Friedman is a big believer in the quality of the projects the studio creates, “As we mentioned, there are a lot of projects in the space. We can’t take them all. I want to make sure that every project we help will help the world in some way.” 

One of the studio’s most recent projects is in fact redefining NFTs for the better to create meaningful collections surrounding the stories of real people and their struggles. “I want my team to take pride in their work. We are shaping the future, and the quality of our projects gives my team inspiration and motivation to produce the best possible results.”

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