How We Paved the Path to Magic Square’s Success

7 Jul 2022

42 Studio’s involvement in the creation of the first-ever crypto app store.

When we started working on Magic Square, they had an idea. Now they are a company on the path to becoming a full-fledged DAO, complete with a strong community, a waiting list of beta users, a beta product, ultra-smooth UX, and big-name investors and partners – Binance Labs and Republic Capital

Magic Square has been one of our biggest projects in terms of scope, vision, and mission. From designing the product UX to creating a world-class website to building up the social community from zero to 50k, we paved the road all this way, and look how far we’ve come.

It’s nice to see great products like Magic Square succeed. With our involvement and support, Magic Square has built the world’s first-ever app store designed for crypto and token-based applications, dApps, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT marketplaces, and more.

The slogan, “It’s All There” tells you basically what can be featured on the Magic Store. But, as a studio with a mission of making the web3 space better, we wouldn’t support a project that listed low-quality applications. Magic Square’s community validation system is one of the features that impressed us so much in the beginning, when we agreed to take on the project with full force. Magic Square only lists apps that have been tested by a fleet of community validators to screen for low-quality, scam-likely projects, and security threats. This essentially gives the web3 space a quality standard and is likely to onboard many new users who might have been previously wary.

Magic Square also makes the entire onboarding and sign-on processes easy and streamlined with one SSI-secured “Magic ID” and lets community members use all applications inside the internal interface without downloading to devices or redirecting to external sites. This model, coupled with perfect UX by our designers, a strong community built and maintained by our content team, and an impeccable website complete with the Van-Gogh equivalent in design language is a sure recipe for success. 

But even with all of this at play, success is not easily attained in a world of fierce marketing competition. We were able to build Magic Square’s community through targeted posting on social media, 24/7 moderation of the Telegram channel and Discord server, and executing a thorough and calculated campaign to compile a list of users waiting to try the beta version of the product months prior to its launch. We crafted each article on the Magic Square company blog, and built their youtube channel from the ground up, producing, filming, and directing video production, and featured video content on social media and newsletters to drive traffic to the channel. We conducted email marketing campaigns and kept the community engaged with games, quizzes, contests, and regular product updates. 

The results, what Magic Square has become, are the perfect showcase of the incredible capabilities of the 42 team and our seamless collaboration with Magic Square’s founders. Hindsight is 20/20, and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Check out the Magic Square website at and be sure to reach out to see how we can power boost your web3 project.

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