Exploring How Video Content Can Enhance Customer Relationships

20 Oct 2021

Every successful modern business has customer experience at its core. Potential and existing customers want to understand your brand better, this goes beyond a pretty logo and a company that pushes its new product. The question we’d like to ask is “What does customer relationship management appear as today?”

Traditional approaches like email follow-ups and phone calls are great, but we live in an age where video platforms like YouTube and TikTok reign supreme. From that follows that video content is among the most influential these days, and it can be used to enhance customer relations and increase the audience. 

Marketers have numerous ways to strengthen their customer relationships through video content. Keep reading and learn about ways video content can facilitate a better connection with your customers. 

Using video as a part of the customer journey

You can keep your audience engaged and entertained throughout their customer journey with video content. In order to facilitate stronger enduring customer relationships, you can deploy video at various touchpoints throughout the sales funnel. Consider different stages of this funnel, and create a strategy on how video can match the needs of your customers at every phase. At the stage of awareness, for instance, your goal may be to provide useful information about the most prominent topics within your industry. However, the moment your customers reach the stage of conversion, you might want to include product demonstrations and testimonials in the form of videos that should demonstrate the strong points of your brand. Videos are memorable, therefore they can be used to ensure a steady stream of devoted customers over time. 

Make your customer support videos more personal 

It is in our nature to want to feel understood and special, and your customers are not an exception. It can be a great practice to implement personalized video content; this can be achieved through video marketing campaigns. These videos can be incredibly useful when problems arise. There is no company that doesn’t have product issues, it is an integral part of doing business. It is your responsibility to find the best way to provide service to your customers and respond to their concerns or issues. This is an additional opportunity to develop a more personalized experience. Consider having your CS team members film a video where they offer a solution to the pronounced problem. If you employ an animator, you can also make these videos more eye-pleasing and interesting. It is also possible to address customers by their name and do a short walkthrough of how to solve the problem. 

Use your audience to source video content ideas

Customer feedback can be used as a source for your video content. It is perfectly clear that people’s wants and needs should be considered as they are the ones who consume your video content. Customer expectations are subject to change, so we encourage you to collect input in order to shift according to what people expect from your brand. Poll your audience about the video content they’d like to see and reach out to your customers directly using your email list. Ask them about video topics they would like to cover and what guests they might be interested to learn from. 

Handling customer relationships goes beyond CRM software and sales team outreach. You can maintain a solid connection with both your new and existing customers by introducing video content. This way you can always be on their mind when they require a solution or product you sell.

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