Effective Marketing is Holistic Marketing

20 Feb 2023

We often hear about companies spending thousands of dollars on marketing without significant results. This can happen due to a number of reasons, but the most widespread issue is that businesses allocate funds to sporadic marketing efforts without a holistic strategy in mind. Relying on luck and chance while marketing products or services in the competitive market often yields no results, and in some cases, it may damage the brand’s reputation. To succeed in attracting customers and then successfully converting and retaining them, the marketer needs to devise and implement an effective strategy that covers all bases: a converting website with a solid structure and a funnel, correctly targeted ads, professional community and social media management, compelling business materials, engaging publications, and unintrusive informative email marketing. The combination of these will vary depending on the brand and its objectives.

Scenarios to Avoid

To illustrate the abovementioned statement, we’d like to give you an example. Let’s say a company decides to invest in PPC and Native Ads without creating a proper marketing funnel. Imagine grabbing a user’s attention and directing them to the website without a proper CTA describing the action users should take. Sounds like a waste, doesn’t it? Especially given that ads are a pretty expensive endeavor. Or let’s say there is a solid CTA on the website and users sign up for the waitlist, but then these hot leads are not nurtured and retained with email marketing, social media, and community management. In most cases, if the user doesn’t see any action on the brand’s end, they find an alternative somewhere else. Thus, lost opportunities. 

Industry Secrets

The solution is, in most cases, a professional approach when a marketer knows what makes or breaks the brand. In most cases, it is important to start with a well-designed, attention-grabbing website. Through their website, brands position themselves in the market and speak about their value propositions. A website can be a one-pager or a more extensive web portal, depending on the scope and needs of the brand. What is constant, however, is a thought-through structure, compelling content, and high-end design.

Once a proper website is live, the brand can be discovered and referred to, but just a website is almost never enough. The next objective is to open up communication channels with the growing community. The most widespread social media platforms for business are Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn, and the community platforms are Telegram and Discord. Opening business accounts is the first step, followed by consistent publications and moderation in the case of community management. Social media and community management always require solid strategies to direct the functionality of each and every post within the brand’s big-picture journey and objectives.  

But how does one bring traffic to the website and socials? There are a few ways, and we are going to mention two: online advertising and online publications. For a brand to be discovered, the wider audience needs to know about its existence. PPC and Native advertising are among the most effective methods to achieve brand recognition. Online advertising needs to be run by a professional who can identify the best platforms, the right audience and, of course, write quality copy for the ads. However, if the brand’s goal is to attract a very specific audience, high-net-worth individuals, for example, PR articles can be a good solution. PR articles give exposure, inspire trust, and very often attract investors. The articles published on established media websites need to be compelling and give an unbiased perspective of the products or services.

This holistic approach will help bring the brand quality traffic and engagement. To support the success, it is also recommended to send emails informing about product updates, sharing company blog articles, podcasts, videos, and other trust-building content. The key is to be concise, engaging, and unintrusive with the content and number of emails (not more than 3 emails per week) and establish a consistent schedule guided by an email marketing strategy. 

Make Success Happen

Marketing is not rocket science, but it requires knowledge and lots of experience. If you have any questions on how to create an effective marketing strategy powered by proven practices and breakthrough approaches, reach out to 42 Studio, and let’s skyrocket your brand together.

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