Design Your Branding Strategy In a Few Simple Steps

22 Jun 2021

We are all aware that it is crucial to have your “personal brand”, but what remains a puzzle is why it is so vital. There are some advantages to creating your personal brand, and we will cover them in this article. Experts whose brand is recognized worldwide charge a dozen times more than people without it. Even if a professional is only locally recognized, they tend to charge at least two times more than other people working in the same industry. People with recognized personal brands have a better chance of connecting with high-quality clients and engage in partnerships with people from other companies. These partnerships will ultimately yield more satisfactory work and open new doors for you. 

1. Define your focus.

Focus is essential for every brand, as it defines your persona and the way others perceive you. The focus depends on who your target audience is. You have to answer the following questions: “What kind of work would I like to do?” and “What is the purpose of my work?” Think about the projects you have done previously and which ones you loved to do the most. The moment you define your focus, you can more successfully present yourself to the world. 

2. Share your story.

Defining the focus is the first move in the direction of narrating your story. Once you have determined the focus, you can start thinking about how your story can support this focus and eventually result in long-lasting partnerships. When we say “your story”, we don’t necessarily refer to a memoir; one’s story can also be told through one’s professional occupation and social media presence. Spend some time thinking about the way you want to design your story. It is essential to remain sincere. If you casually add lies or exaggerations, potential clients might spot it right away. 

Let’s sort out what your story should include. First things first, it should be about your personal and professional experience. If there are important instances that elicit a response with your perfect client, make sure to include them in your story. What makes you stand out from the crowd? This is an important element that your story should cover. Don’t hesitate to be a little bit personal when you represent yourself. If you are genuine, there is a good chance you will build stronger connections with people. 

You don’t have to tell people everything, of course. However, telling people a bit more might result in deeper bonds with your perfect clients. Don’t be afraid to sound contrary to some aspects, as, in addition to attracting desired clients, you might want to deter those whom you prefer to avoid. If you attempt to be liked by everyone, you might end up being disregarded by everyone. In any case, you don’t need all the partnerships there are, so don’t hesitate to share your convictions. Just be alert that you might attract those who disagree with your opinion as well.

3. Be consistent.

You should appear consistent in the way you represent yourself. You should be confident in the way to present yourself. You can do it in the form of a podcast, blog posts, social media posts, or perhaps a combination of these. It is important to publish content consistently, so make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin. When you consider how you’d like to appear online, think about how you’d like to be seen by your perfect client. If you are a graphic designer, Pinterest or Instagram might be the most suitable platforms for you. 

4. Be in the limelight.

It is crucial to be discoverable by your perfect customer, as otherwise, your well-narrated story will be presented in vain. There are several techniques that should help you become more visible to your potential audience. As you have probably guessed, we will be talking about SEO, as it is a go-to for any content that appears online. If you have a blog or record podcasts regularly, make sure to optimize your text content for SEO searches. Your content should be of use to your target audience, but in addition to that, we recommend including relevant keywords so that you can be easily found online. Well-performed SEO is not simple, but it is worth spending time and effort on it. 

Another important instance is the optimization of your social profiles. Include keywords in your bio and on all social media platforms where you publish your content. Maintain a high standard when you create and design your content. Set a rule that you publish content that yields value to your audience. Many platforms use algorithms that boost posts that receive the most engagement among users, so try to enhance engagement with your content in the first place. You can also use relevant hashtags so that people can find your content through them. Engage in discussions related to your niche, regardless of the platforms you use. 

It is all about your personal brand

Everything you do is either beneficial or detrimental to your personal brand. The moment you have defined your focus and have figured out your story, it becomes easier to generate content. But keep in mind that it is a lengthy process that requires time and effort. 

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