Call-to-Action: What You Should Know

26 Jan 2022

A call-to-action represents the content that’s meant to influence a reader, viewer, or listener to execute a specific activity, usually taking the form of a command. 

You’ll likely fancy for your audience to take action forward, such as completing a purchase, taking a look at another post in your blog, or downloading a file.

The array of actions for your users to take is vast and to convince them, you’ll have to incorporate a CTA or call-to-action into your regular content.

The Importance of Call-to-Action Marketing

While running a marketing campaign, there are different goals you’ll try to achieve. Some of the purposes for your marketing strategy may involve generating more revenue for your business or brand, spreading your brand’s message, and raising your business profile.

Your strategies can achieve different goals using a combination of tools. Call-to-action encourages users to take a particular action. It’s possible to acquire someone’s contact information by utilizing a good CTA, which would allow you to add the proven-to-work CTA to your marketing strategy immediately. 

Types of Call-to-Action

PPC (Pay Per Click). A PPC call to action is marked on a SERP; which indicates that this is a search result that has been paid. The website will pay a certain amount to Google if people click on the links displayed in the ad. 

The call-to-action, in this case, seems similar to a usual result by an inquiry. However, there’s additional space for more HTML links and metadata that answer to search intent.

Users are more persuadable to click on the links than to keep looking through the organic search results that display more content.

Landing Pages on Your Website

Designed to facilitate user action, landing pages aid with tasks such as entering an email address, a name, signing up for a newsletter, or looking for specific events. 

It’s common for landing pages to offer something in return for the user’s data. Therefore, a call-to-action landing page may offer a discount or read something like “download for free.” It’s common to see a small amount of text and call-to-action encouraging the audience to try something for free. It’s vital to show the CTA on top so users can easily find it and engage.

Other CTAs commonly found are “sign up,” “subscribe,” “get started,” and “learn more”, of which none ask for your money. A good call-to-action entices the user to create a commitment without the need to spend money.

SEO Meta Description

This may sound odd, but the meta description you choose for your search engine result can also be utilized like a call to action. When a user is unsure if your page can be helpful for them, the natural reaction is to read through the meta description. 

You should use the 160 characters to allure users to click on the link, which would lead to them consuming your content and potentially purchasing your products.

A Strategy for Call-to-Action

As we’ve mentioned before, the point is to encourage your audience to take action after they’ve been through your website, read your content, or viewed one of your videos. However, you should ensure that the action fits within the context in which it’s presented and your strategic goals.

If you’re looking to increase your subscribers, then ask for that, avoid asking for money, or redirect the audience to a different page. Make the instructions that you want them to follow very clear.

Educating your audience is an excellent strategy to bring clients on board for on-selling; this way you give them the power of decision through education. Good examples for this are “learn more,” “enroll now,” and “discover.” 

Final Word

Powerful CTAs have proven to be very effective when it comes to gaining subscribers, customers, shares, and likes. It’s possible for you to build the customer database for your business for ongoing sales and marketing.

It would be best if you choose keywords that are in line with your marketing strategy and its goals. Get to know the needs of your audience beforehand, stay focused on it, and your sales will thrive. Start the right conversations; the rest will follow.

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