Attracting Readers’ Attention with Supreme Email Design

3 Oct 2021

Among many marketing tools, email is among the most effective. People you send emails to have explicitly permitted you to communicate with them, meaning they expect you to communicate with them. Usually, email marketing is used to engage with an established audience; nevertheless, it is important to capture this engagement through a well-designed email that entices people to read it.

Ensure your branding is relevant

As we have mentioned already, email is a great way to reach your target audience. Meanwhile, you can reinforce your branding. Ensure that your brand’s logo is presented prominently, and the implemented imagery strengthens your brand’s values. Use the same Pantone colors you used for your brand’s representation. Your email’s branding should correspond to the branding of the landing page your CTA leads to. It facilitates readers’ focus and contributes to the flow of their actions. If the landing page is completely different, your readers might get confused, thinking whether they have opened the right page. It can affect the conversion rate, as readers might choose to close the page if they are confused.  

Implement visual hierarchy

Every graphic designer is aware of the importance of visual hierarchy, and this principle is no less important when it comes to the design of emails. Use headings, images, and other graphical elements to facilitate a solid visual hierarchy that will represent your email content in the best way possible. The most important parts of your email need to stand out and draw your audience’s attention. It is crucial to keep CTA prominent so that your readers know which action is required from them. 

Use unique visual content

It is important to keep in mind that the visual elements of your email should be unique. Graphics are crucial for the conversion of your audience. It is important to make your reader engaged so that they want to learn more about what your brand has to offer. You can also make your visual content clickable to increase reader engagement. No matter what function your visual elements have, readers will expect to click on images to receive more information. 

Make your content interactive

You can use interactive content to increase the click-to-open rate. This content can bed in the form of a survey, poll, rating, or other. Among all options, video is one of the best options to boost engagement. Sometimes, your content can be interactive, even if it is in the form of an image that links to a web page. 

Implement personalized content

There are numerous ways to personalize emails, and personalization greatly influences the efficiency of email marketing campaigns. If you use personalized subject lines, there is a greater chance that your email will be opened. The simplest way to personalize an email is to include the recipient’s name in it. In addition, you can also use contextualized content. Emails that include content that is customized for each client get noticeably higher engagement rates. 


With a proper email marketing campaign, you will be able to extract a wealth of information. You will be able to see which elements your audience interacts with the most, so you can advance your strategy in the future. Use these tips to step up your email marketing game and use the most appropriate and converting design.

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