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42 Interview: Roni Itzhaik, Dev Team Leader

26 Aug 2021

It is time for the interview with our stellar Dev Team Leader, Roni Itzhaik. Thank you, Roni, for your time and informative answers. 

What is your job like? What kind of problems do you and your team deal with?

R: My primary occupation is to develop websites for our customers. I adhere to the highest standards when I carry out my job. It is important to stay dynamic and be creative when I deal with troubleshooting. I always make sure that my team has all the necessary tools and means to face the most challenging tasks. We search for smart and modern approaches when it comes to website development. We maintain a user-first approach, as we are convinced that our products must have the most intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. We tend to learn from every task and improve as much as circumstances permit. We work hard, so the end-result websites are pixel-perfect and user-friendly. 

What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field? How do you find out about the latest trends in Web Development? 

R: Among the most important skills of a web developer is the ability to be a fast learner. One ought to be open-minded and ready for challenges of any scale. Determination to learn is also among the important abilities a successful web developer should possess. And of course, being a team player is a must; our work process is powered by active teamwork. I always stay alert to the newest Web Development trends. My focus is mainly on front-end development, so I always search the web for great websites that inspire my future projects. I read online blogs, and I am an active member of Web Development communities. 

What special advice do you have for a potential employee seeking to qualify for a position in this field? 

R: One must be passionate to learn something new every day. Our field is very dynamic, so it is essential to be motivated to be open to new information. The ability to see web resources from a user’s perspective is also very important. A potential employee shouldn’t be afraid to take full responsibility with the intention to deliver the best results. We are open to new ideas and breakthrough approaches, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you feel like you want to be a part of our amazing team.

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