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42 Interview: Jovana Gordić, Marketing Team Leader and Project Manager of the Serbian Team

6 Oct 2021

We continue our series of “meet-the-team” interviews, this time only to introduce our Serbian team leader. When you walk into our office, the first thing you see on the right is a huge smile holding her usual second cup of coffee. A bit of morning laughter, a breeze chit-chat while making breakfast, and our workday can begin.

Known for her vibrant energy, which she carries effortlessly, and her all-around background, Jovana Gordić, or “the Mother of Tasks,” as we like to call her, is the one standing in front of the Serbian team, not only as a lady boss but also, as a friend. 

Molecular biology, sports, dance, sales, and now digital marketing at 42 Studio. How does it all fit together into one person?

J: Curiosity, flexibility, thinking outside of the box, and a burning love for learning. I suppose that you have to be a bit of an unconventional person to mix all of it in one large experience. To accomplish this, first of all, you need to be excited about changes and love them. You shouldn’t be afraid of the new and unknown. You need to use and absorb the good and accept each change’s “bad sides” as a lesson. If you have a scientific approach to everything, it is much easier to find your path, even if you are interested in many things. I could say that I found my place in 42 Studio, where my talents and knowledge are recognized and used in the best possible way. I am grateful to work in an environment where there is no stratification in gender, religion, or race. These are extremely rare to find these days. 

Asking about five-year plans is excessive. How do you envision yourself exactly a year from now?

J: On a sandy beach in Bali, charging my batteries for new challenges ahead. In order to be a more successful “Mother of tasks,” a friend, a daughter, and a woman, Bali is a definite must! My journey in 42 will continue in the future, and I am pretty excited to see where it will take me. 

Lastly, we’ve met you in the workplace, but what is your go-to unwinding activity, and how do you spend your time off work?

J: I am equally a paint-the-town kind of person and a stay-in-person. When it comes to fun, I enjoy going out for dinner and drinks with my friends. Also visiting events and festivals is always a good idea if you ask me! The gym is my favorite way to relax four times a week when it comes to body and wellness. Weight lifting keeps my temper under control. (laughs) 

I keep my mind sharp and soul gentle by staying in, reading books (Jay Shetty is a great example), and watching Netflix. I am a proud mother of a tinny demon cat filled with love named Lilith (who says black cats are bad luck?!). Playing with her and petting her are my daily moments of pure happiness. Also, spending time with my family is a very important part of my week. Hours of unconditional love, domestic food, and endless support are priceless to me. I wish that every person in the world would have that privilege.

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