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From the tiny details to the big picture, 42 Studio’s experienced UI/UX specialists will sculpt your product from top to toe and accompany you along your entire product journey

Your Product’s UI/UX Journey

We will distill the values of your vision and understand how to best represent them in your product. Our team will conduct thorough market research of your competitors to reveal your users’ hidden needs and ensure your UX exceeds the market standard. Everything is strategically placed & perfectly situated. Each button, element, icon, illustration, typography is infused with intentionality to create the optimal interface for your users.

Our Projects

We provide 🧤 customized end-to-end UI/UX solutions for SaaS products, 📲 mobile applications, 🦊 blockchain products, IoT and more. We have created the UI/UX of dozens of startups 🦄 and enterprises 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻 across the 🌏.

Magic Square

The 42 Studio team handled the web and mobile interface and development, achieving a standout UI/UX result for all Magic Square products.

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Antelope CRM

Our team invested themselves to help Antelope build their product, namely an advanced CRM. The product aims to ease the lives of account managers and improve their daily work experience.

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Secure Stay

The brand was created and nurtured by our creative team. The brand's core product is an interactive dashboard designed and developed by 42 Studio.

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42 powered success:🔥Binance Labs and Republic Capital back Magic Square with $3 million in seed funding.

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