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LAUNCHED September 2021

The first-ever crypto app store

In collaboration with 42 Studio, Magic Square has built a unified, integrated, interoperable ecosystem for users to discover and experience community-vetted dApps, NFT marketplaces, DeFi, GameFi, Exchanges, Metaverse platforms, and more, and for app creators to market and monetize quality crypto apps.

42 has taken this project from the infancy of idea inception and brought it to where it is today: 50k+ followers on social media, top investor backing led by Binance Labs and Republic Capital, an extensive waiting list of beta users, a world-class website, professional social media channels, active communities on Telegram and Discord.

Our Role

42 Studio has been involved with all aspects of the project: from crafting the Product UX alongside the product developers to drafting, finalizing, and designing the whitepaper, lite paper, and pitch deck. From 24/7 community moderation on Telegram and Discord to creating Magic Square’s world-class company website from the ground up. We wrote the blog from scratch, published designed social posts on a regular basis, launched email marketing campaigns, built landing pages to support the Airdrop and Beta campaigns, published PR articles, and the list goes on.

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  • Product UI/UX

  • Content Creation

  • PPC Ad Management

  • Community & SM Management

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42 powered success:🔥Binance Labs and Republic Capital back Magic Square with $3 million in seed funding.

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