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LAUNCHED september 2021

A community-driven effort centered around crypto apps

In the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies, Magic Square is creating a unified, integrated, interoperable space for users to discover and experience community-vetted crypto apps, NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi, and for app creators to market and monetize quality crypto apps. Magic Square is a multifaceted system that covers all the UX bases: The Magic Store guides users to discover the highest quality crypto apps with built-in integrated DeFi. Users sign in to all of their apps with one SSI-secured Magic Connect leading to their personalized Magic Spaces: where crypto-app experiences begin and end. Users and creators discuss and collaborate in a dedicated Magic Community space.

Our Role

To accommodate tech-savvy users of Magic Square, the 42 Studio team brought its A-game to this project. We created and presented a user-friendly digital space where crypto enthusiasts can have all their crypto app needs met. Our copywriting team delivered bite-sized content that suits both crypto-beginners and experts. The 42 Studio team also handled the web and mobile interface and development, achieving a standout UI/UX result.

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