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Get the materials your project needs to earn investor backing and rocket-boost success.

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The perfect pitch deck to get your foot in the door.


A clear and concise lite paper to impress investor leads.


A detailed and technical whitepaper to wow interested investors.


An organized go-to-market strategy to define the road to your success.

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Pitch Deck

Your pitch is a knock on an investor’s front door. They can answer and let you in for a chat, or tell you to turn on your heel and find another way. A good pitch deck will get you that first meeting with an investor. We’ll craft a deck for your brand that will spark investor interest and set your project apart.

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Lite Paper

Lite papers are a great way to give investors and potential users a taste of the key aspects of your project without taking up too much of their time and energy. We’ll create your lite paper from top to bottom, highlighting fundamental features and value propositions, guided by concise, compelling copy, eye-catching diagrams, and tasteful design.

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Let 42 be your right hand in creating the document that will wow interested investors, users, and team members with all of the technical intricacies which make your product invaluable. Our team of technical writing experts will tailor every word to your needs, and make sure all of the components and sections are organized for optimal results. Our designers will polish user flow charts, and our devs will integrate the final doc into your website menu so your audience won’t have to look far.

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A good GTM strategy defines your road to success: your goals and how you’ll reach them. Let Team 42 draft, organize, and design your strategy to get your team and investors literally all on the same page.

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